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Our History

Embee is known to have the strongest tech teams driving cloud transformation solutions all around the world. With a 500+ strong workforce, Embee has successfully delivered more than 1000 successful cloud transformations empowering both large and medium-sized enterprises. Embee is characterized by the high quality of services it offers, which has resulted in the company having excellent business relationships with more than 2500 customers globally.

Who we are


Embee has now extended its 30+ years of technology expertise in Bahrain, Oman and Saudi Arabia, Middle East. We believe in offering customized, anywhere-anytime solutions for truly meaningful relationships with customers.

Together with our local partners, We are geared up to deliver the best IT services in the Middle East, which will help businesses make faster, data-backed decision making coupled with efficient problem-solving in a faster and smarter manner. To be able to guide customers on that journey, continuous transformation and growth is an integral part of who we are.


To be leaders in setting benchmarks in what we do, where leadership is not being the biggest but the best, in developing our people and their core skills, in the quality of our services and solutions for our customers, in our partnerships with our principals and other vendors and above all creating a happy and sustainable environment for the larger society we serve.



Our mission is to enable organisations transform with technology in a digital, mobile-first, data-driven world.

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